Four Birthdays

April, 2012

We got four rooms at the Hyatt in Schaumburg for our celebrations

Becky brought sandwiches and the rest of us brought side dishes.
Our buffet....Jeff cuts Laura's veggie pizza....Kathy's deviled eggs and the picture of what they should look like

Eating....Tessa with her hands in her pockets....Our guests Bridget and Pat....A ton of gifts


Owen really liked all of his gifts....especially the cars that he picked out himself and I labeled To Owen From Owen

Doctor Indiana Jones works with his whip


Daphne freaked out at a journal Aunt Becky made for her....and she liked her other gifts too


Hannah was confused by her gift from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Terry....until she found the money


Alex got funny and enjoyable gifts

The ice chess set looks cool

Erin, Brendan and Tessa

Erin and Brendan both got gifts and Tessa got a cake decorated by Owen.  It was a cake ball with scrap fondant on it.

Cakes made by Jean....Alex's calculator....Hannah's cake pops....Daphne's boxing ring and Owen's Indiana Jones map

Lighting and blowing out candles

Pool Party

We had the pool to ourselves most of the time
Terry spent his time in the hot tub

All of the kids (and some of the adults) really enjoyed playing in the pool


Daphne's big fluffy dog



Jumping on the bed



More group pictures


Aunt Jean sneaking up on the kids

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