The 50th Calling of the Clan.
June, 2004

This picture is huge when you click on it....but soooo worth it!

This is a picture of almost everyone looking at Daphne.....who was running amuck at the time.

The Honorees:
Marge and John Connolly, Rita DeMayo, Frank Corbet and Mary Sweeney


The day started with Mass.  Brian Corbet gave the second reading.


Lunch Time....Kathy, Mike, Jim and Jeff


Liam tries his hand at Bozo Buckets

Alex gives cousin Daphne a hand.....Michael takes his turn....The crowd watches.

Running races and picking out prizes.

The Wheel Barrel Race...Lisa and Colleen....Kelli and Roisin

Face Painting

Laura sets up the sign....Brendan has his face painted by Jean

Daphne and Hannah.....Pat had his arm painted.

Water Balloon and Egg Toss


Missy and The Water Balloon Toss

Kathy and Mike were out early in both games.....Kathy shows where Mike got her with the water balloon.

After winning the Water Balloon Toss, Sue hit Jim with the Balloon
I might point out here that Jean and Laura brought hard-boiled eggs for the Egg Toss.....and STILL couldn't manage to win!


Tim and Jenny

Posing For Pictures

Pat, Brian, Sean, Jim, Mike, Jeff

Becky, Kathy, Alissa, Sue, Bridget, Kathy, Daphne, Laura, Mary, Jean

Michael, Hannah, Alex

Mary, Eileen, Kathy....Daphne, Kathy, Katie, Alissa, Hannah....Sue and Kathy

Brian and Katie....Darren....Kristy and Sean

Daphne (with the sunglasses she won).....Kyle and Daphne....Sean and Kristen....Daphne and Hannah

Lisa, Pat, Corey and Dave

Lisa, Frank and Kevin

Sue, Liam, Mike and Jim.

Trish, Will, Missy, Courtney, Lawrence and Jenny

Mike....Sean, Lana and Trish...Will and Missy...Lawrence and Courtney

Jim, Sue and Dick...Jim, Jenny and Sue...Jenny, Missy and Courtney

Pat and Tim...Billy and Roisin...Sue, Liam and Jim...Mike and Missy...Mike, Pat and Tim

Trish, Lawrence, Courtney, Kelli, Colleen, Traci, Mike and Roisin

Sean, Joe, Rita, Gene, Marty and Neil
Tara, Maureen, Betsy and Trish
Bridget, Meghan, Julie, Claire, Aidan and Georgia

Maureen and Betsy....Aidan and Betsy....Sean, Marty, Neil, Tara, Rita, Maureen, Trisha

Joe, Sean, Marty, Neil
Tara, Rita, Maureen and Trish     
(back row) Bridget, Meghan and Julie
(front row) Claire and Georgie

Margaret and Francis...Dave, Joe, Missy, Frank and Rita...Mary and Rita

Getting ready for the big picture.


The potpourri that Colleen put in the porta-poddy for us!

Click here to see the old pictures that Dick Smurlo put on disk for us!

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