Kathy and Jean go to
70 Garage Sales in One Day!

Hebron (where Jean lives) had its city-wide garage
sale on July 31, 2004 and Kathy and Jean participated fully!

We headed out at about 8:15.  We took Jean's Blazer:

Look, Jean, I cloned out that bleach spill in your Blazer!

After a couple of hours, we headed back to Jean and Jeff's to drop off a load of stuff we bought:


And we headed right out again.  I had a hot dog for lunch that I bought in a Church parking lot that Jean made me eat in the car!  It was actually very good....grilled outside and fresh chopped onions available!  At one garage sale, I bought Murphy a little cat bed/toy.  He really liked it:

The town was insane!  The traffic was incredible!  Swarms and swarms of
people and cars greeted us all day!  I need to use more exclamation points!!!

Jean also ate her lunch in the car....a steak sandwich bought at a booth outside the Grocer's!

We bought some more stuff:


Much later in the day, we returned to find Murphy still in his new bed:

Look, Murphy's smiling!

We finally called it quits at 3:30.  We were pretty worn out by then.
We got some good bargains and plan to make this trip an annual event!
Plan to join us next year.  You'll love it!

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