March 2016

Hannah as Pugsley in


Adult Alex Hines helped out in the pit

Ad from Becky and Bill

During intermission, Alex took us on stage and showed the cousins some special tombstones

Pictures at the end of the play

Hannah gave us a tour backstage and took the girls on the catwalk.

Brendan gives Hannah her flowers

Josiah, Trevor and all of their family....Brianna, Madelyn and Trevor....Hannah and Trevor....Mallory, Brittany, Taylor, Trevor, Bri and Josiah

Hannah with the cousins....with Aunt Jean and Grandma Kathy...and with the cousins again

Lovely Hannah in her lovely prom dress....posing with Alex and the cousins

Soooo, Becky Jean and I spent hours in Becky's new room 221B and didn't take one picture.  We literally laughed until we cried.
And Bill was around for hugs....but we didn't get pictures.
Owen is demonstrating how to drink out of an extra long straw.
Owen made up a game....dice were involved.
Erin had to list five attributes of a microwave oven.
Daphne had to list three things that were special about her.
She said she was the tallest cousin.  Then she mentioned that the scar on her arm was a smily face.
The game ended right there and we admired her smily face.
Terrific visit!

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