Alex Graduates From College

December, 2019

Open House


So I didn't get a picture of Alex at his Open House....
He was moving around a lot!
Fortunately, Jean used her graduation hat on Christmas Eve for a re-creation of Alex's Graduation
Yes, this seemed normal to all of us at that party....Crazy family but I'm sure glad Jean did
Bonus:  He's wearing a Star Wars sweater!

The TV ran tons of great pictures of Alex....Grandma Kathy and her socks
The food, catered by Paul,WW was excellent....I didn't get to the cake in time for a picture....sigh

Alex....Hannah....Owen....Brendan....Hannah photobombing Brendan

Becky greeting a guest....Bill....Brendan thanking Uncle Bill for fixing his glasses....Jacob

Becky and Paul with guests

Hannah with her mask making kit....Hannah downstairs where the young adults hung out

Just a few of my favorite decorations

The Byron McDonald's had a Christmas Tree on it's roof....We saw four other McDonald's on the way home and they didn't have trees on their roofs.
Way to go, Byron McDonalds

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