Babysitting Alex and Hannah
September 27-October 2
While Becky, Bill, Eileen and Jackie were at Disney

Hannah uses Grandma Kathy's fancy paint to paint her new purse.

Hannah's purse either says Hines or Shine...The palm trees are in honor of Grandma Kathy

Grandma Kathy lost a chess game to Alex....she won a few too.

Hannah, Alex and Grandma Kathy on the scooters....A fuzzy picture of Hannah taking a fall

We had fun playing several games of Sorry

Grandma Kathy won one of the games....someone put bunny ears on her...Alex with a hunk of ice cream

     Uncle Pat came to visit Saturday morning.  After treating us for lunch at Burger King, he let Alex and Hannah pose on his motorcycle:

Pat, Alex and Hannah

The bike and Hannah

Hannah feeding Owen and playing in his floor toy

     Grandpa treated us to the Park and Miniature golf.  We all had a lot of fun and stopped at Sam's for dinner.

Brendan, Hannah and Owen played with Grandma Kathy while Grandpa Terry, Aunt Jean and Alex golfed


The both did a great job on the balance beam

Grandmother Robot made a visit....Brendan was fascinated with this door....Climbing the Rock Wall

Up the slide....Climbing....On the horsey


The golfers

What is that obstacle on the course?....Why it's Owen!....Grandpa Terry pushing the stroller

Hannah accidently spilled paint on the porch floor...I didn't notice it 'til the next day so I painted the floor

Owen (in his evil Colts bib) and Hannah both had oatmeal for breakfast

Hannah put on a show and Aunt Jean clapped for her

Alex and Hannah drinking applesauce

Jean and Owen....Alex with a big bubble

     The tissue paper hot-air balloons experience (or as Terry called it, Grandma Kathy's Air Show):

We all worked long and hard to construct our balloons....We stapled, glued and cut for several hours

Inflating Jean's balloon

Brendan playing with the wagon....Getting ready to launch

The balloon made it to the roof....It blew back down and Hannah got it

The next morning we launched the other three balloons:  Alex's, Hannah's and Grandma Kathy's
It really wasn't worth all the effort....sigh

Grandma Kathy shows where the material for Alex's wallet came from
Alex and Quincy in the kitchen.  Simba stayed away from us
Brendan put Jack and Baby Jack on the table to help eat his breakfast

Hannah in her make-up....Hannah and Bailey making bracelets....Alex doing homework

Hannah with her cream cheese and bagel....Alex with his pickle and peanut butter sandwich

Hannah in her make-up

Awake Asleep Awake Asleep Awake Asleep Awake Asleep Awake Asleep Awake Asleep Awake Asleep

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