Frankenmuth, MI

February, 2021

Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

Before we left, Brendan and Kathy played a part in The Godfather with real orange slices

We ate at this fun food truck....It had good food (A bunch of us had grilled cheese sandwiches)
Kathy checking the hole in the windshield washer fluid...It was high enough so we could drive on

Welcome....The Bavarian Inn Lodge....The lobby

Kathy in the lobby....Owen in the hallway....Owen in the little restaurant....Kathy with two tiny hot dogs (Sooo adorable)

We ate in Ooma's Restaurant in the Lodge several times....Daphne ducking for the picture on the wall...Daphne and water...Erin getting her tea ready

Jean...Brendan...Owen...Daphne picking ice cubes from her salad....Owen packing his To Go Box including his leftover water in a glass

Some of the decorations on the way to the Christmas store

We had a very good time in Bronners...A pretty shelf I like (but I don't think it was at Bronners) (Oh

More shopping for everyone!

Great shopping area....Erin in the Mirror Maze

In the Irish store....Brendan showing me some love....In his great new hat

We had adjoining rooms...The nun who overlooked Kathy and the girls....Best clock in hotel rooms with plugs....Playing games

We stopped at the Cheese Haus and a bakery on the way home

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