Visit to the Hineses
July 2008

     Becky had to have emergency oral surgery and Bill had to work so I went to the Hineses to help a little and play with Alex and Hannah.

Becky had two teeth pulled.


Just as I turned north onto 39 from I-88, I hit this tremendous storm.
I took these pictures while driving.
Don't try this.....I'm a professional!
Cars were pulled over and lightening hit so close I heard the thunder.
And I had a cd blaring.
What a ride!

At Becky's we took shelter downstairs.  The sky was eerie.  Then we saw a rainbow!

Hannah and I played with her new Cricut.
The first cut-out she made was a palm tree.
I did her fingernails and toenails in sun-changing colors.
And I put gems on her large toenails.

We went to a church sale and then a few garage sales.
$5.00 a bag at the church....nice.
Then we saw this torn up road.
The kids went back to a garage sale and asked the lady what happened.
She said a power line fell and caused the damage!

So it was on to Sam's for lunch.
Our table featured a 1949 Buick Roadmaster.  I was born in 1949.
Becky and Hannah pose.

The kids were playing with their new dog Jack.  I told them to look at the camera...and Jack did too!

I wore my lucky chess shirt and actually beat Alex.  Ok, just once.  He beat me twice.
I guess I don't always make all the right moves.

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