Blizzard 2011

Warning and notices I like:

At Kathy and Terry's in DeMotte, Indiana
View out our front window.
I hung a scarf on the tree to watch the wind.

Snow covered bay window

Terry clearing off the deck

Terry clearing the snow from the roof

Terry's driveway....The path to the back....Terry

One of the cameras on I-65....Apparently they can zoom in on stuff....whoa

At Becky and Bill's in Byron, Illinois

Out the front door

The driveway....Out a front window....Alex

The driveway

At Jean and Jeff's in Lowell, Indiana

The front steps....The driveway

Emergency water....Brendan and Owen have a blast in the front yard

At Laura's in Demotte, Indiana

Daphne and Erin play in the front yard....for a little while

Tessa opted to stay inside!

At Pat, Bridget and Darren's in Carol Stream, Illinois



Bridget and Darren


Happy to be inside again

At Jim and Sue's in Palos Heights, Illinois

A snow fort!

The back yard

The Snow Fort....Inside....Inside looking up....Sean (The mastermind of it all)

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