Brendan Turns Four

In a lot of ways it was a typical Birthday Party:

There was a great Snake Cake and Brendan blew out all of the candles

Brendan and Mommy

There was good food and many welcomed guests

Uncle Bill feeding Owen some delicious fruit salad....Erin (part of the Welcoming Committee) welcomes neighbors Mike and Jill

And there were a lot of neat presents

Erin and Brendan....Daddy....Brendan....Daddy and Brendan

Brendan....Great Aunt Eileen shows Brendan how to play with the Jungle....Goin' Fishing

Andy Leamon, Alex, Owen, Will Leamon and Brendan....Grandma Kathy, Brendan and Owen....Hannah and Owen

Jack Hines poses with Erin and Laura....And Grandma Kathy wore a lizard shirt for some reason

Playing hockey in the garage....Jeff, Alex and Kevin....Andy, Alex and Kevin....Andy and Kevin

But the most memorable part of the party was:

Link to their website

Chris Boerema brought a lot of critters for the kids to enjoy....They paid rapt attention

More interesting animals

Chris sat and stood on the tortoise to show the strength of its shell....Caleb with a spider on his head

Caleb with spider

Chris shows us the inside of his case....The Birthday Boy Brendan gets close to the alligator

Still paying close attention to Chris....Alex dressed in snakes (He showed them around to the other kids)

Alex with snakes

The 16 foot python

Daphne, Erin, Allyson and Melanie play with the snakes

Alex, Alex Werner, Caleb, Abbie Werner

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