Kathy, Pat and Alissa

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Featuring Bridget, Layla, Odin and Vinny

August 2022

Layla got a sash from "Medival Times" so Lady Kathy wore her sash that Alissa made for her....Pat on the swing

Aunt Alissa with Odin....And Vinny

A couple of the barns....Inside a barn

Odin on the trampoline....Playground....Vinny and Bridget

This is the window in Layla's bedroom where she likes to listen to the birds and crickets....Interesting light fixture....Wood everywhere

Layla....Odin....Vinny....Lady Kathy, Grandpa Pat and Vinny....Grandpa Pat and Vinny

Layla playing with some of the toys that Aunt Alissa brought....Posing with the large bread that Aunt Kathy just HAD to have for lunch

The big loaf of bread destroyed for lunch

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