Kathy's Guest Room For Grandkids
Designed and Painted by Kathy and Jean

New bunk beds....Twin bed
Each bed has a pillow and sleeping bag

Starting at the door and moving clockwise
The sign....The picnic table and campfire scene....The big tent

The big tree....Tent window covering....Part of the sky

Raccoon peaking on the bottom bunk....Southwest Airplane....Bald Eagles

Three hawks and a deer....After seeing a picture of the deer to be painted, Daphne requested a 12-point buck on Pride Rock....The Sky


If you want to guess who painted each element (either Kathy or Jean), here is the list:

The sign
Picnic Table
Campfire Scene
The Big Tree
Tent Window Covering
The Sky
Southwest Airplane
Bald Eagles

Just email your guesses Here

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