Second Year At Michigan City Campground

Kathy, Daphne, Erin

Jean, Jeff, Brendan, Owen

Pat, Brian, Alissa,

Bridget, Darren, Layla and Odin

August, 2018

The Busse Camper....with Aunt Alissa....Layla's playroom
Pat, Brian and Alissa were in a cabin and the Busses were in their camper

The table on our cabin porch....I bought this at a thrift store instead of a Darth Vader disco ball
Daphne, Erin and I also bought these gummy bear earrings....My Darth Vader watermelon

The girls on the left....Erin on top and Daphne and Grandma Kathy on the bottom
The boys on the right....Brendan on top and Owen and Jeff on the bottom (Jean was in the dining room)
The bathroom....Brendan

The kitchen....Daphne and Erin in the dining room

The big kids check out the playground..."Layla, can you go up that?"...."No"...."How about just three steps"...."Sure"
Layla walking around the playground on a three inch curb
Layla tried three times to make a basket....Then she decided to wait for a few more years to try again

Playing in the pool

Layla gets a running start to jump in the pool to Bridget

Pat jumped right in....More playing....Bridget's tattoo

My rooster and Jean's camping sign....Odin is amazed by Owen's Singing Bass....The Lahmns playing cards

Jean brought a wooden throwing game

More throwing...Really cool camping lights

Lunch at Taste of Michigan City...Alissa shared Mango Tea with Lychee Bubbles with us

Daphne....Sitting in the shade....Daphne and her ice cream cone

Layla playing with her light-up necklace

The necklace....Jean got these for Pat's birthday....Brian tending the fire

Cooking a hot dog....A great s'more

Brendan threw some magic stuff on the fire and it was pretty for a loooooong time

Erin, Daphne and Grandma Kathy wearing our Cape Coral shirts....both sides of the tables

Odin checks out this crazy world with Mom and 2nd Cousin Jean

We all wrote or drew in the Groot Camping Journal

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