Camping at the Dunes

June, 2011

Kathy and Terry's new tent....The Lahm's new tent

Brendan took these pictures.  I just assumed he wanted them animated

The Hines Camper

Pat's tent....Bridget and Darren's tent....Sean and Michael's tent

Kathy tried the Jiffy Pop and had no luck so Terry slammed the thing in the fire and we got some nice popcorn

Roasting marshmellows and chilling

Silliness and laughter

We got flagged!  Hannah surprised us with 50 flags around our tents!

Brendan was cold in the morning so he snuggled up in Grandma Kathy's Bears hoodie (that was a gift from Pat)

Kathy....Jean cooks eggs

Colleen Sweeney spent Saturday with us....As did Becky's friends Nicole and Matt

Alex and Matt....Nicole and Hannah dig into the giant jar of orange puffs that Pat brought

58th Calling of the Clan



Lot of games and prizes and fun.  Kathy got the hat so she will plan the next one

Nap time for Owie....first on Alissa and then on Grandma Kathy's cot

Brendan playing air guitar during lunch....Brendan....Brendan's shadow

Owen checking out the cooler

Jean and Kathy opened birthday gifts from the Hineses





Scenes around the campsite

Celebrating Bridget's Masters Degree

Cooking up the brats

Nightly campfire


Random pictures that Brendan took

Sunday morning at the Sunrise Cafe in Chesterton

Terry and Pat were also there

The Jelly Incident....Brendan was playing with all of the jelly packets!

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