Camping at the Dunes

July 2011

Our campsite (#28) that connects to the playground....My Tupperware condiment server

Working on our hand sculpture for a contest....Brendan hauled a lot of water for us

We placed 6th out of 20 entrants.  We didn't even know there was a theme (Making History) but we were very happy with our efforts

Terry supervised....Kathy....Jean and the boys in the lake for a much needed break

Jeff checks out a picture of the hand....The boys had a blast in the playground


Ranger Paul gave us a lecture on snakes of the Dunes.  It was very interesting

The boys playing in the other playground

A ton of laugher

The Lahms headed to The Devil's Slide at sunset....without a lantern!

Brendan and Jeff running down the dune

Taking a dip in the lake

Having silly fun

The beach....The pavillion

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