Camping at Michigan City Campground

August 2020

Kathy, Brendan, Owen, Emmett and Trevin

And we also went to Wendy's three times during this trip

We had a very nice campsite....Looking toward the store and pool....My 2006 Buick Terrazza

A tour of my new tent....See how the reading light is positioned?....It's Not messy....My clothes are in order of the way I will wear them....That's a twin mattress

The boys had fun in the pool....A spirited game of Marco Polo....Yes, that's where Brendan "hid" during part of the game

Chatting on the phone

The spray/fan bottles were quite the hit....Emmett even used one to keep the fire going
Trevin listened to a story Brendan told for at least 1/2 hour....I was smoking a fat stogie when all of a sudden....Who odered a pizza?

Sometimes you have to just chill and play the ukulele

Kathy and Emmett in a Jiffy Pop contest....Emmett won....We made sandwiches with the Pie Irons....Tending the fire with a fan

Everyone wrote in the Groot journal

Brendan cools off....A green thing (notice it's size compared to the zipper)....Brendan secured the stool for me

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