Kathy, Daphne and Erin
Jean, Brendan and Owen
Pat and Brian
Bridget, Darren and Layla
Roberto and Althea

Michigan City Campground
August, 2017

Kathy, Daphne and Erin stopped at Red Lobster for lunch....Erin shows Daphne what a clam is....We picked up dinner at Subway....Girls with a dog

The Ward campsites looked down at the Corbet campsites....seperated by this wall...The boys on the wall....Layla on the wall

Kathy's tent.....Jean's Copper Canyon....Kathy's 2006 Buick Terazza Minivan

Daphne and Erin coloring with Layla....The Busse Family

When Daphne and Erin were small, they would always eat watermelon with melon ballers....I don't know why.
They had watermelon at our home often because their Mom couldn't stand the sound of them eating it.
As a joke, I brought the melon balers for them to eat their watermelon.
They just dug right in with the melon balers without even mentioning them....like it was normal!
I was shocked and disappointed....lol!....And we all laughed!

The pool was terrific....and because of high winds, the water at the dunes was closed to swimmers.

Bridget and Layla check out the pool....Erin and Daphne flip their hair (pics from Jean!)

Pretty pictures of a stormy sky and sunlight on trees.

Jiffy Pop Wars!

The girls took the lead....Daphne started the shaking of the popcorn and Erin finished it up!....The popcorn was perfect!

Brian took the helm for the boys.....He might have won if his glove didn't catch on fire....It took a while to put the fire out....His popcorn was also perfect!

Hanging around the campfire.

The floor just inside our tent....Daphne reading with a headlight....We served breakfast....Bacon, eggs, toast, yogurt and fruit.

We played with Layla's bubbles....You could see hearts on them if you wore the special glasses...very cool!

Daphne's fixing Jean's hair....Driving to Geisen's and the street fair for lunch.



The office areas and attic of the funeral home....They had cookies!....Stones for us to place around.

A pretty church....Pretty flowers....Stones to move.

The crowd....Picture in glasses....Brendan listens to his water bottle....G-ma and Owie.

The girls had sushi....The boys and G-ma had pizza....Brendan tries mac and cheese with lobster.

Something clever I read on the Internet:

My kids interrupted me all the time.  That was before I saw this truly genius little technique from a friend.

I was chatting with her one day when her (then 3-year-old) son wanted to say something.  Instead of interrupting though, he simply placed his hand on her shoulder and waited   My friend placed her hand over his to acknowledge him and we continued chatting.

After she had finished what she was saying, she turned to him.  I was in awe!  So simple.  So gentle.  So respectful of both the child and the adult.  Her son only needed to wait a few seconds for my friend to finish her sentence.  Then she gave him her complete attention.

I attempted to teach this to these family members:

By the time I was done explaining, these people (plus Erin) had formed a semi-circle of hands on shoulders....Jean laughed until she cried....several times.
Later in the day, after much laughing, Brendan said to me, "Thanks for teaching us the way of the shoulder."
Sigh....I think this will go on for a long, long time.

Brendan with a water bottle on his head....A Puppy!

Some art in the park

The first rock is placed.

Daphne placing the second rock....Random hands on my shoulder....sigh.


Jean brought big bags of toys for Layla and Althea to play with.  A bunch of us had fun with them.

Jean and then Owen walked with the girls....Checking out a duck.

A fun taco dinner from the Corbets and Busses....Around the fire.

Chocolate on my face from a smore....Daphne hurt her foot (it was fine in a couple of days)....Looking at bats in the glow of the fire.

Layla and Althea on Brian's motorcycle....Tearing down the campsite.

Erin had shotgun on the way home....Breakfast!....Brendan....Owen in a helmet.

Layla and Jean....The Busses...Pat....Smiles

Owen waiting....Layla and her pancake....Brendan

Daphne....Rule:  take pictures of cars and cell phones....Brian watching Kathy eat with her hands.

GPS told us to turn around so we played with the birds....Erin bonded with the one who didn't look like the others.

Daphne and Erin's dogs Jade and Leo....They lock them up when I visit.


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