Cedar Point

Kathy, Jean, Daphne, Erin, Brendan and Owen

A Magical Weekend in August 2017

A special thanks to Laney Chorzempa for four great tickets!

The room keys were blank!....The rooms were exactly as portrayed on the website....We liked the coaster pictures above the beds.
We were two miles from the park.  We arrived at 11:00 p.m. and we still got our adjoining rooms.
The outside pool was great and the people were quite friendly.
The picture package was sooooo worth it because there were several nice photographers around the park and it included the coaster pictures!
The meal plan was also worth it....It worked well and the food was very good.
It is cheaper to buy the two above items online instead of at the front desk...that was a surprise.

Our "before" and "after" pictures....I'm taking pizza back to the hotel room for dinner.

We hurried through the park so Daphne could ride this coaster!

No one went on with her.

Brendan, Owen and I didn't ride coasters.
Erin went on one coaster.
Jean went on three coasters..
Daphne went on 12

Erin found this souvenir for Daphne....Daphne rode all of these coasters plus two more.


Some of the coasters Daphne (and Jean) rode

More pictures from a photographer in the park.

Brendan with a cool car....Garbage can....Train

Put in the stocks!

Erin still likes birds....The last one is landing.

Brendan Took The Following Pictures On The Train Ride:

The waiting room....A sailboat behind some construction....Kathy and Erin....The train

A wooden coaster...."Boneville"...How fun

Moonshine still....Pond....House

The hearse....The band....The jail....The Outhouse

A woman with a shotgun....The saloon is on fire!

The railroad station....Railroad workers

Brendan took a selfie (should be for his Orthodontist)....We traveled next to Lake Erie....Erin got cold and got my sweatshirt for the afternoon.

Pretty flowers

On the skyride with the vowels (Erin and Owen)...On the swings with Erin and Daphne

Owen and Erin on the Giant Wheel, one of the largest Ferris wheels in North America...They were wary at first.

They were soon looking around at the park....A parasailer....And the Thrill Show

Erin, Snoopy and Owen....Kathy and the map....Erin going to fill the refillable cup we bought

Jean, Brendan and Owen on the bumper cars

Jean and Owen on Tiki Twirl....Daphne and Erin on some spinning, flying thing

Lights, Camera, Action show....Quaint light....Owen and Jean....They said the show was in 3D but we didn't get any special glasses

By 3D, they meant live people dancing!....Lol....It was a fun show!

Places we ate:  Hamburger joint....Panda Express with moss on the roof....Pizza....Jean eating pizza

The girls dropped off me and the boys at the hotel and then returned to the park....The boys went swimming in 3 feet 6 inches of water.

The pretty pool area....My book....Owen decided to read in bed with me and he fell asleep...he didn't even wake up when the girls got home after midnight.

The girls were at the park until it closed at midnight!

I have a phone on my head....Great breakfast place....How Owen looks when he's waiting for something.
We hardly ever waited for anything and the weather was perfect!....Great trip!

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