Daphne's 15th Birthday

Grandma Kathy, Aunt Jean, Erin, Brendan and Owen

In Chicago

Even before we checked in to our favorite hotel, we lunched at the Safehouse

Jean and Owen knew the password to get in but the rest of us had to perform a dance to prove we were spies

We sat in "The Cone of Silence"....and it actually moved up and down....what fun!

Daphne had a wonderful mac and cheese
The birthday desserts were served on a "briefcase"
We all really liked the food....and company!

The boys with dessert....Grandma Kathy with Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 from "Get Smart"....Owen trying the fake bathroom door

There was a scavenger hunt and a picture taking place


Several times we hung out at exhibits for quite a while.
This was the first time
Jean's nickname is "Cookie" and she found another "Cookie"
Erin was "Serpente" (snake) so she put it near Black Mamba.
Such a very interesting exhibit

Owen actually got us out of the place by inserting a dollar and following directions....funny exit

Walkabout and Shopping

A cool building that looked liked a big bug crawling up it.  The building it was reflected from

Cops on horses....Daphne ready to go in front of green lights....The serious shoppers....Owen....Why yes, Brendan took an upside down picture of himself

Jean's boot....And it was only 20 years old....We all got sad

Jean got some footwear she could wear without flapping all over Chicago

We finally split up.....Kathy and the boys headed to an Irish Store while Jean and the girls headed to Water Tower Place

Right away the boys and I saw a duck in the Chicago River....and Trump Tower....Owen wasn't too happy shopping but was happy with what he bought

The boys and I didn't shop long so we watched a "Chopped" marathon on TV. When the girls stopped by, Owen went out with them again

Dinner was at Vapiano right in our hotel building (Very Good)....Then it was swimming for the children


The Orange Juice Incident
We had the buffet breakfast in the hotel....Excellent
When I walked in, I saw Daphne pouring orange juice and asked her to pour some for me
Erin overheard this exchange and ran back to the kids table to report what I said
It wasn't Daphne....It was a lady as tall as Daphne with the same colored shirt/jacket
The lady said she really didn't know what to do so she poured my orange juice
A lot of laughter ensued

The kids found a place to relax while Jean and I finished eating and laughing

Daphne heading to her Birthday Celebration....in the parking garage!

Shades....Aunt Jean....Opening gifts

Loving the gifts

Owen did a great job on garbage duty and Brendan took great pictures....Thanks, Boys

Daphne reaching for the ceiling....Nice group photo with a small view of the venue

The Broadcast Museum with a special exhibit of Saturday Night Live

This is another place we lingered....I have 34 pictures of this obelisk from the group....Owen is photo bombing John in the last picture

Another place to take our time.....Only 21 pictures taken here

It was really fun to check out all the pictures

Wayne's World

The control panel where we watched SNL skits....The Golden Girls....Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg in a Christmas skit

Lorne's desk.....Index cards on the bulletin board....Land Shark....Church lady costume




The girls with Trump....Owen with Matt Foley....Brendan

Notes from celebrities....Commercial products

Quick change room....Posing like some family....Cue cards....Wardrobe....The set

Nice floor at the after party (the gift shop)....Brendan got a mug and I got an SNL sweatshirt which Erin wore for the chilly walk back to our hotel....Daphne

On we went to the Broadcast part of the Museum....Watching old Laugh-In episodes

The Bozo Buckets game....Svengoolie...Phineas and Ferb Monopoly game

Erin and Jean present the weather on a very fun set with a real TV camera

Owen sometimes had a problem with the revolving door in the hotel
So Grandma Kathy would grab him and shove him through the regular door and he would be grounded from the revolving door for a while.
This was one of those times.

We went to Trader Joe's....Our Ginger did not want to buy Ginger Chews....Jean's haul

We ate in Jean's vehicle on the way home and I spilled some junk from Jean's sandwich on my wool coat.
Jean spilled something too so we were both a mess
I used carpet cleaner to clean my coat and it came out great.
No more eating on the road!

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