Grandma Kathy, Aunt Jean
Daphne, Erin, Maddie, Brendan and Owen

The Chicago History Museum
Back in the day it was The Chicago Historical Society....just saying

Our first stop was at the theater where a neat Chicago movie was playing.  Owen got a picture of the cool floor

Interactive Exhibits


Maddie and Erin....Jean


Grandma Kathy, Maddie, Owen and Brendan

Chicago Hot Dogs.....Notice the celery salt by Maddie....Owen....Erin

The Dioramas

I was so happy to see my old friends

Jean playing Docent

The kids even played along when she was explaining a wall repair....even though she described it differently.
Yes, it really is fun to spend the day with Jean!

Artifacts From The Great Chicago Fire

Jean pointed out that when Eileen and I came to the Museum in October, we got free scrapbooks
And now the Museum has an

The note reads:  Release all prisoners from jail at once, keeping them in custody if possible.

Daphne and I were at this exhibit where we had to figure out the artifacts from the fire
The first was opera glasses (not pictured), the second cookies and the fourth buttons
We were most impressed with the third!

Some pics from the Internet.  My spoons were not displayed at the Museum because they can't put out all that they have.
But the spoons are my favorite example of the horrendous heat from the fire.

More Fun in the Museum

Erin and Maddie on the big old bike and in a reading nook....Notice Owen taking a pic in the last pic

Daphne bought a ketchup bottle that shoots out a piece of yarn.
It ended up in my pocket because it was being misused.
Owen posing with a Hawaiian shirt, admiring a flintlock, turning a valve and catching a ball at a ball game.

Norman Rockwell....Go Cubs....Hot dogs....I couldn't reach the bar so I guessed there were straps hanging for passengers.....And then there's Daphne!

From a Pullman sleeping car....Phone booth (Everyone in our group has a cell phone!)....Owen and Brendan watching a movie....Erin and a trophy

Fort Dearborn

We spent quite a bit of time at Fort Dearborn because Erin and Maddie had to relax...or something.
Daphne with her ketchup bottle before it was confiscated by me....Erin and Maddie decided to connect with each other for 24 hours

This was a fun exhibit

You create your own fashion and it appears on this model.
Erin and Maddie couldn't stand on either side of it like the footprints suggest.
Because they are still attached together by Erin's scarf!


Chandelier....Jean took our picture....Daph taking a pic of Outside Abe....Outside Abe

Model of Millenium Park.....Model of The Bean (Cloud Gate)....Erin and Maddie putting their jackets on while still attached
We had a great lunch at the Museum's Cafe....just too hungry to take pictures

I.C. and the Pretty Sidewalk

I spent seven years here

Walked on this sidewalk on Burton Place many times going to and from Lincoln Park Zoo.

I had all the 12-year-olds at my table

Lots of good food to cook and eat

Jean had the oldest and youngest....Owen and Daphne....Face timing the other table

Our Marriott Hotel and Swimming

Seriously, this is a great Marriott
Check-out time on Sunday was noon...
But we could keep the van in the parking garage until 6....
For no additional charge!

I laughed at all the places to charge electronics because I brought a power strip!

Owen....Brendan....Daphne and Erin
I had the boys in my room and Jean had the girls in hers

Erin wearing Jean's scarf as a cover-up....Grandma Kathy....Great pool because it wasn't deeper that 3 1/2 feet anywhere and the water was warm

Erin flipping her hair....Maddie and Erin flipping their hair....A horrible face swap picture

Owen's Pictures

Owen enjoyed taking a lot of pictures


Pictures from the hotel room.  Owen's favorite is the garbage can

The fancy bathroom door that didn't lock or even close right...but it was quiet
Mirror picture....Our elevator picture....Art

Pretty bowl....More wall art....The Snack Bar

Fun restaurant with great food

More fun pictures from Owen

Tilted Daphne....Owen listening to his cell phone....Brendan....Grandma Kathy

Jean made "lemonade"....Owen had two muffins....Grandma Kathy had oatmeal (Ok, ok, it was Bananas Foster oatmeal (and great))

Sunday Morning Michigan Avenue Walkabout

Jean took the girls to Sephora and I took the boys to Dylan's Candy Bar

What a great place

We bought candy for ourselves and the girls....No matter where you looked, there was really cool stuff

Kathy ready with her new Chewbaca camera case
Notice the gas price behind Daphne is $2.90/gal.  At home it's under $2.10
Owen standing in front of a window celebrating The Year of the Rooster

Owen's pictures of Tribune Tower, A crane and a Bus Stop sign

Nathan Hale Courtyard....The boys checking out a stone from the Great Pyramid....Kathy and Jean looking at a stone from Abe Lincoln's Tomb

Twenty years earlier, Jean looked at a stone from Abe Lincoln's Tomb while Kathy checked one out from Fort Sumter in 1997

Pretty landscape....Erin and Maddie as mannikins....Pretty design....Steam punk shoes....Trump Tower

Last summer, Brendan and Owen and some friends posed with "Abraham Lincoln and The Common Man" in Crown Point, Indiana
Now they are doing the same thing in Chicago....Maddie taking pictures

The Chicago River

Water Tower Place

The Water Tower and Water Tower Place

The Lego Store....If you pose with the Stormtrooper, an employee will give you a light saber for your picture!

The amazing waterfall

We stopped in the Apple store on the way to Water Tower Place but Daphne wanted to stop on the way back because her iphone was acting up.
The clerk re-set her phone and showed her how to do it if it happened again....way cool

Across the street from our hotel

Good food....Owen's heart

There was quite a bit of excitment in the van when we saw this Lamborghini

Worn out Owen

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