Oak Lawn Children's Museum
A Farm

Kathy, Eileen, Carrie, Becky, Alex, Hannah, Jean, Brendan and Owen

November 10, 2007

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The Museum (shown actual size)

Piling in....Brendan headed straight to the water table

The adults sat on or around the big fireplace

Hannah goes after Owen with a shark while Alex holds him

A puppy....Alex positioning Owen for the puppet show by Kathy, Eileen and Hannah

Kathy with a crab....Eileen with Santa and an octopus....Owen becomes part of the show
I was talking with Alex about the puppet show later and he said he liked it.
He really did ask, "What was the deal with Santa?"
I couldn't quite explain Aunt Eileen to him.

Brendan became a fireman and Owen rolled around

Hannah in the rocking fish....Owen....Brendan back at the water table

Alex built several towers....Then he and Aunt Jean built one together

Hannah built a cabin with giant Lincoln Logs

Owen enjoys the cabin....Alex and Brendan in the cabin with Hannah

Destroying the cabin and putting the logs away

A random picture of Jean and Owen

The completed tower....Brendan was allowed to destroy it....and had fun doing so

We lunched at TGIF Friday's

Brendan....Jean....Hannah feeding Owen

Alex....Carrie and Eileen

     So Eileen, Becky and Jean were planning a place for adults to play with their childhood toys.  Eileen was trying to explain that she didn't want very old toys there, just the toys that people living today actually played with as children.  But this sentiment came out as "We should only market to live people."  This sent both Eileen and Becky in to a laughing fit.  As you can see above, they laughed 'til they cried.

Alex behind a balloon....Winter is right around the corner!

Our next stop was this farm

Hannah pushing Brendan and Owen....petting a duck....the duck smiling

The horses....A horse smiling

Brendan picked up a chicken....and put it in the coop....his chicken in the coop....Hannah petting a chicken
Brendan picked up his chicken several times and put it in the coop twice

Hog and bunnies

Alex pets three sheep at once....Brendan looks for a tail....Petting the donkey (which our guide called a pony)

Posing for pictures that Hannah took

A cat....The Nutrition Circle (Of Life)....Brendan on an ancient tractor

Becky, Alex and Hannah headed home....The rest of us saw The Bee Movie
Brendan and Owen were excellent....and fell asleep in the van for the ride home

Spoke Too Soon Section

Sometime during the day some of us were talking about the soldiers that guard our computers.  I said I was surprised that Daphne and Erin didn't play with them.  Then I noticed these soldiers on my treadmill.  The Indian is from a set of Lincoln Logs.

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