Christmas 2002

Cutting down the Christmas Tree

Terry    Bill, Hannah and Alex    Bill, Hannah and Alex
Terry cut down the tree and Bill, Alex and Hannah put it in the van.

Christmas Parade in Lowell, Indiana

Terry, Becky, Bill, Hannah and Alex    Hannah and Alex    Terry, Kathy, Hannah and Alex    One of the floats in the parade
Watching the parade and one of the floats.

Shopping in Downtown Chicago

Jean and Laura with the empty stroller    Inside Water Tower Place    The stroller is filling up    Laura and Jean
We brought an empty stroller and filled it with gifts.

Wreath at The Trib    Crate and Barrel    Pretty lights    Kathy (walking up hill all the way from Water Tower Place to the Grant Park Parking garage)

Party at the Wards

The tree and gifts    The fireplace    Jean, Jeff, Laura and Jimmy    Becky and Bill

Hannah shows Grandpa Terry one of her gifts    Alex listening to his cousin    Jeff asleep    Jimmy asleep
We all had a great time and then Jeff and Jimmy fell asleep while the rest of us played Trivial Pursuit.

Brookfield Zoo on Christmas Eve

Kyle, Alex and Jimmy    Bill and Becky on the other side of a waterfall    Alex, Kyle, Jean and Hannah    Our group watching the gorillas
Watching the animals.

Eileen and Sean    Kyle, Michael and Sean    Eileen and Cherie    Terry and Kathy

Eileen, Cherie and Jean    Michael and his Boy Scout Christmas Tree    Michael and a Leopard    Alex and Bill
Once again we checked out Michael's Christmas Tree.

Singing to the Reindeer    Reindeer    Hannah pets a chick    The polar bears    Walking in the Zoo
We sang to the Reindeer and watched the polar bears play for quite a while.  The Zoo looks a little crowded but it's all us!

Christmas Eve and Jim and Sue's.

The Tree    Kitchen Scene    The Deer
The tree, a kitchen scene and Jim's lighted deer hung in the back yard.

Alex and Bridget    Jimmy and Hannah    Kyle, Alissa and Hannah

Kathy, Carrie, Cherie and Eileen    Bill, Becky, Hannah and Mike    Bridget, Alex, Michael and Brian    Alissa, Sue, Sue's Mom Mary Harland, Kathy and Sean

Pat directing the singing    Kathy, Carrie, Cherie, Jim and Kyle    Alex and Hannah dancing    Michael    Jean, Alissa and Sean
We sang carols and danced!

Hannah, Michael and Jimmy    Laura and Eileen    Jean, Alex and Laura    Jean and Alissa
We played and laughed.  Alex listened to his cousin again.

Jim and Sue's house    Snow gauge
We left Jim and Sue's during a snow shower and came home to almost three inches of snow.

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