Becky picked up Mary in Madison...and made the stuffing

                               Alex, Hannah and Mary......Becky cooking

                               Christmas Eve at Jim and Sue's

                                        The Gifts...Daphne and Kyle...Eileen looking at Jim's Wonderful Wall of Pictures!

                                        Hannah took this picture of her Daddy
                                        Singing Christmas Carols
                                          Pat, Kyle, Bridget and Alex
                                         Terry, Bill and Becky

                                        Jim, Kathy, Jimmy, Mike, Sean, Brian and Hannah
                                        Bridget, Alex, Mary Harland, Michael and Alissa

                                        Jimmy and Daphne
                                        Jim sang Five Goooooollllldddddd Rings
                                        Pat got another Great gift from Terry

                               Santa Claus found Alex and Hannah at Grandma Kathy's and Grandpa Terry's

                               The tree...Alex opening gifts

                               Opening gifts then Jean and Hannah played with Blo Paint

                               The Wards came over for Christmas Dinner

                               Hannah...Lindsey and Alex...Grandma Kathy plays Brain Warp while Alex watches her

                               Hannah plays with the cotton that was in the Kiddie table decoration (and they got to keep the socks!)

                               Ma, Hannah and Kathy....Hannah....Phil, Alex and Gramps

                              Alex....Gramps plays Brain Warp while Phil and Terry look on....Hannah fell asleep so we decorated her

                               The day after Christmas, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo


                               Just a few of the million lights we enjoyed

                          We had dinner at the Zoo....Hannah wore a bucket on her head for an hour....Alex and Grandpa Terry

                               Sean and Kristen....Hannah, Alex (pretending to be asleep) and Mary

                               Alex and lighted tree

                               Kristen, Frosty and Sean....Hannah and Frosty....Kristen and Hannah

                               Michael pouring a cup of Hannah....Alex....Hannah

                               Alex and Michael....Hannah and Kristen....Alex and Great Aunt Sue

                               Bill by the Exelon sign.....that's where Bill works

                               Ward Family Festivus

                            Before the festivities, Grandpa played in the garage and Jeff put the finishing touches on his homemade gift

                                The Program

                                The gifts under the tree....the fireplace with Santa's cookie plate....opening gifts

                               Opening more gifts

                                Yet more gifts.  Jeff really liked his fish mail box!

                                The first Survivor Game involved opening boxes and putting a puzzle together in under four minutes.
                                Since Becky and Bill tried the hardest, they won the fake $25.00 Gift Certificate

                                The second Survivor Game consisted of spinning a wheel and eating horrible food.
                                For example, I ate a grasshopper, a pizza roll with peanut M & M's in it....yuck!
                                Becky had one filled with horseradish.  Kathy shows her tongue because the eating was timed.

                                Terry shows his tongue.  Kathy and Jeff had an eat off and Jeff won!
                               Daphne enjoyed her first Christmas!

                                We opened the homemade gifts.  Terry read a very heart-felt poem from Jimmy
                                (it was ghost-written by Laura) and we all cracked up!

                               Back upstairs, we played a Murder Mystery Game.  Jimmy was happy that Jeff was the murderer!

                               Terry and Simba played Roy Horn, Hannah showed us her mean face and Jeff napped with Hello Kitty

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