Ward Family Christmas


Owen and Jack....The boys....Grandma reads a clue to a search game where the kids found their new Christmas pajamas

Bill and Alex....Bill and Jack

The kids played a game and then opened silly prizes

Brendan....Daphne and Hannah....Terry tries his luck with the lottery ticket exchange

Posing in front of the Christmas tree

Jean displays a gift....Terry admires a gift....Laura warms herself....The Second-Borns

Erin made a special gift for Hannah months before Christmas....She also spent a lot of time decorating it....It's a boat made from sticks

Lots of neat gifts

Bill....Kathy and her Tink hoodie....Brendan and his fancy glasses....Jeff kept the place clean

Erin and Daphne got mp3 players....Grandma Kathy shows Daphne how to work hers....Hannah picked out an outhouse gift for Grandpa Terry

Becky with her Face/Butt towel....Laura....The Lahm Christmas tree....Jean with her Hostess gift (which she ran over with her van the day Kathy bought it)....Alex with his tornado

Every year Kathy and her girls exchange Christmas ornaments
Becky holds an ornament just like the one Kathy bought....Random picture of happy Brendan

Checking out wonderful scrapbooks from Becky

Hannah put on a fashion show with Erin....She also tried on some of her new clothes

The kids put on a show....Laura clapping

Alex and Jean play Pictionary Man
The game fell out of Jean's van when Alex went out a side door.
Neither one of them noticed until Jean ran over it in her van.
The game was fine and we found all of the pieces

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