Christmas 2016

Party One at the Lahms

Noon to 4:00 p.m.

The Ward Family Christmas

Kathy, Terry, Becky, Bill, Alex (with girlfriend Sarah), Hannah (with boyfriend Nick),
Jean, Jeff, Brendan, Owen, Daphne and Erin

Becky's cheese man made with Velveeta and cream cheese....Erin and Daphne....The Christmas Tree
The boys on the couch with their electronics (Grandpa Terry does it old school by watching tv)


Grandma Kathy....Becky's hair....Sadie and Brendan
Owen is thrilled with his Nerf Vulcan....I couldn't catch his wonderful expression because he kept the gun up by his face!

I gave Becky and Jean this clever Vacuum Cleaner Cover....I even got one for the vacuum in my garage!

Jeff cleaning up the mess....Sadie and Terry....Sadie and her toy Mr. Bill

When I'm taking pictures, I have this rule that if anyone says, "Look"....I will take a picture of what they are pointing out
Erin knows this rule, she's seen me do it several times
She tested this rule by saying, "Look" when she opened some gum
And when she opened one piece of gum!  Fun times!

The Star Wars Group poses....Jean's front porch

Jeff is working in the opening above the stairs to install a linen closet
Hannah really likes

Party Two....Still at the Lahms

4:00 and On

All the people above and

Pat, Brian, Bridget, Darren, Layla, Jim, Sue, Sean, Kyle and Michael

The Corbet Family Christmas

When she first arrived, Layla wouldn't leave her Dad or her Mom....Fun hors d'oeuvres

Two years ago we had five entrants in the Gingerbread House Contest.....Last year we had four
This year we had two
Kathy's was sent to the kitchen while Jimmy's became the centerpiece on the largest table

Dinner (roast beef, ham and wonderful side dishes) was delicious
Looks like Brian, Daphne and Erin chatted before the party and planned to wear red matching shirts
Layla started to be friendlier when Erin gave her the light up necklace
Hannah dressed as a banana
You can tell that Layla is totally relaxed because she stood by Great Uncle Terry and didn't mind

Pat started the family tradition of singing Christmas carols
He brings the lyrics every year and we have a blast singing
Four Calling Birds is sung by Bridget, Jean, Daphne and Erin....with gestures.

I presented my Nativity Scene with all the pets in the family
I even represented the dead pets with two ghost pets!
Jim's Gilligan's Island Gingerbread House
Complete with sharks surrounding Santa
Then he set the volcano off and Brendan was very impressed and Jim won First Place in the contest
Meanwhile, someone put one of my pets on top of another one to "play"

One game we played...put a paper plate on your head and follow directions
Draw a tree, fireplace and gift
You got points for various reasons.  If your tree touched the fireplace you did not get a point:  fire hazard!
Three people tied for First Place and got a prize
I painted ornaments to represent the Cub's World Series Victory
But there were a lot of Bears and Sox fans there so I painted ornaments for them too
And I turned many things into chalkboards by applying chalkboard paint
I provided chalk with these adorable gifts and some of them were well liked.
The shoes are mine....I wore them for a while at this party and will wear them again in the

The kids get funny gifts at this party....The girls got mermaid blankets....and used them for quite a while

The boys got hats with beards....Redbeards!....Never did see Brendan in his beard.....hmmmm....Layla jams....And then Uncle Brian jams

Terry got a cane with a sword in it from Pat....Sadie, Alex and Sarah....Grandma Kathy in the hall

The guys and Bridget had a pirate grab bag....Brian opened a ceramic hippo and was glad when Kyle stole it....There's Sue!

Pat brought a Ginger Bread Balloon instead of a Ginger Bread House
First Hannah then Daphne clipped it to my shirt
Apparently I had it on me for about 12 minutes....Becky took eight pictures of it
Alex and Sadie sleeping in the bottom bunk in the camping bedroom at our house

Christmas Morning at the Lahm Home

Santa was very good to Brendan and Owen.....And they were very happy!

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