Christmas 2017

Ward Family Party at the Lahms

I wore my 37 year old Sorels on my new holiday mat and took pictures of the scenery along the way.
I had my camera to take pictures of vehicles off the road.

It turned out WE were the ones off the road!
And I am so very, very thankful that Terry was driving because he made a joke about it.
If I had done it....we all would be hearing about it for years....and jokes would not have been made!
We drove through a corn field and there was no ditch where we went off.
We were incredibly blessed...a true Christmas miracle!

Grandma Kathy and Brendan....Jean's game that gives someone a shock if they are the slowest.  Daphne refused to even try it!

Teenagers Daphne and Erin declared that Uncle Jeff is a hipster because of his earbuds and hat.
It doesn't matter at all that he is 47 years old.
Presents to open....When Owen opened his slippers from the Hineses, he declared, "These are soooo Becky."

Erin opens gifts she picked out on black friday....Brendan has a message for the Hineses....Blazing fire

The aftermath of opening gifts....Pat and Brian arrived early for a nice visit

Corbet Family Party at the Lahms

Erin, Daphne and Grandma Kathy changed outfits for the second party....Erin and Daphne playing with their phones and each other

Sean removed his man bun to show Daphne and Erin because I said it made him look like Will Ferrell.
But he proved he looks like Brad Pitt....Daphne and Erin named him as another hipster
Terry and Jeff taking a quick nap

Dinner tables....Mostly Irish food (Pat brought quail and pheasant)....Jim's potato and leek soup

Singing Christmas songs and one Irish song

More singing....And then we opened more gifts

Brendan photobombs Most of the Grund Family
(Jack is in the garage with the guys)
Jazzy, Kim, Jean, Kaylee and Jayden (Jayden actually confessed to me that he isn't the real Santa! Adorable)
They all judged our Christmas Ornament Contest....Pat won the trophy
Michael eating the last piece of peanut-butter pie....delicious
Owen explaining to us that Daphne triple dog dared him to smash his pie in his face

The guys had a grab bag....Sean with a reversible face warmer....He really needs his hair down for the second side!

Back Home in Indiana

Our fancy snow gauge

Terry ready to sweep the deck....Our deck....Our frozen storm door....Terry's sister Linda lives in Maine and here is her deck!

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