At Jim's

Gift table....Jean's cake....From Kathy to Jim The Wreath of Khan



Jean, Laura, Kathy and Pat

Erin, Brendan, Daphne and Alissa

Daphne checks out the big ornament in the foyer....and then practices basketball

Daphne was pleased she got to keep the bowl that the dip for the veggies came in.  Yes, Laura brought veggies.

Cleaning up after the terrific dinner that included ham, deep-fried turkey, yams, vegetables, salad, bread, casserole, the world's greatest gumbo etc.  It was great and delicious!

Jeff and Terry....A decoration Jim made from crafts Kathy made last year....A fun tree

Owen....Owen and Kyle....Sue and Brendan....Kathy....Some of the guys

Jean, Sue and Brendan....Jim getting comfty....The guys....The gals

Our family singing of Twelve Days of Christmas was so inspiring....
Chance Reuben invited everyone to his studio to record it....someday


The kids opened presents....and enjoyed them

The festive bird in Jean's hair

Christmas Morning at the Lahm's



Two very happy boys who played well together all day!

New Year's Eve

Daphne, Erin and I went on a major shopping spree up north.  I got all my Christmas wrap and cards for next year and we got this wreath kit (70% off)

Erin wanted a pig instead of a bow

It came out great and the cookies were delicious

Erin and Daphne made tree houses (complete with lights) and Daphne put hippos in her fountain (CVS under $3.00 after Christmas sale)

Owen, Daphne, Brendan and Owen constructed the Hello Kitty house (75%

Ward Family Christmas at the Lahm's

The tree....Laura's Justin Bieber wrapping paper (on sale)....Tessa's fancy hair

As soon as she saw me, Tessa announced, "We have a present for you, Grandma!"
Me:  "What is it?"
Tessa:  "It's a pillow!"
Me:  "What color is it?"
Tessa:  "Polka dots!"
Me:  "That sounds nice."
Tessa:  "Open it!"
So that's why I opened this beautiful pillow right away.
Erin and Tessa are wearing matching Hello Kitty pajamas.
Grandma Kathy, Jean, Laura and Daphne wore white Hello Kitty pajama bottoms

Jeff and David watching the Colts (they actually turned the game off at half-time so we could open gifts)
Erin, Tessa and Daphne....Brendan inside and outside....his bookcase

Tessa had a store in Brendan's bedroom....Grandpa Terry and Tessa

Owen with his Minecraft poster....Daphne, David, Laura and Jeff....Erin with Marker Maker and Tessa with a cash register that scans stuff

Fun lip gloss....David and Owen with Owen's snap circuit....Erin and Brendan making markers

Tessa and Brendan eating the Hello Kitty house

Daphne trying out her hair jewels....on herself and Grandma Kathy

Owen showed Tessa how to launch a spinner on his snap circuit....Jean made funnel cakes for the birthday boys, Grandpa Terry and Brendan

Jean won our grand game of Clue....then we played Apples to apples....Brendan and Erin (The Niners) were partners in the Clue game

David Blowing Frozen Bubbles

David used orange colored bubbles to freeze

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