Christmas 2020

Christmas at Kathy's for Daphne, Erin and James

My book Christmas Tree...Darth Vader....My fancy folded Christmas napkins....Frontroom

We were instructed by Jean to open our gifts at the podium....I had to approach the podium blindfolded because Erin didn't wrap her gifts
Erin returned my book Things Fall Apart and my New York sweatshirt....nice....She also actually also made a great Christmas Card for me
Daphne made this frame for me and James made a couple of bracelets....Fun stuff
Jean also returned a book I own....One of my ten Far Side books that the boys borrowed about six months ago....sigh
Question: Did anyone else receive a returned book for Christmas? How about two? Lol

Daphne....James....Erin's view of the festivities


The boys had no gifts to open so Owen opened one of Daphne's. His head didn't fit in the arm of the

And then we threw Daphne's new boot around

Owen brought up the noisy, funny Santa tracks..Some people moaned....Brendan opened one of Erin's gifts...It was an ornament and tealight...He put the ornament in the light

James and Daphne open their gifts

Erin enjoyed opening her gifts

Then we played games and laughed a lot

I opened gifts with Becky and Bill on Zoom....very fun!

Christmas Eve at the Lahms

The Lahm tree with the cool ceiling light and my deviled eggs for Jeff

We had the dinner catered from Lucrezia Italian Ristorante....delicious

I have twelve Christmas shirts so I wore my Mando shirt....I use the same "Hostess" box every year....The favorite gifts were cookies and coasters

Checking out Brendan's Vinyl collection....I also checked out Owen's later....The Christmas song we sang

The boys found and returned the rest of my Far Side books (That means I actually got eleven books returned as gifts)....The boys also gave me their homemade gifts
Owen open his vinyl and then went to play it

Kathy opens gifts from Pat and Brian....Brendan and Jeff play with Minerva and her new cat toy....Minerva

A video of Weird Indiana To Kathy from the Lahms

Watching Weird Indiana....Jeff slept...That made it a real party

Present opening on Zoom with Becky and Bill....Jean opens her unique candle....and lovely homemade serving tray

Christmas Day at The Lahms

Christmas Day breakfast....Very slowly opening gifts....Seriously the boys opened their gifts over several hours

Opening gifts....Owen was not very happy about the box one of his gifts came in

Jeff showed Owen how to use a knife to open his box...And then let him do it....I seriously don't know what half of the gifts for the boys are

Santa hid our Christmas stockings....Mine was above the hutch....The aftermath of the gift opening

Of course we watched Die Hard....When the boys were at my house, they ran out of time to go to Dollar Tree
So I went for them and got them five things I though they would like....They laughed at what I picked out
But Jean and I were intrigued by the Spin Art for a dollar so we played with it!

Christmas Pictures From Pat and Bridget

Check out Vinny looking at the table wishing he was old enough to eat real food

Just a real fun time!

Odin gives Vinny a mohawk

Brian plays Lion King with Vinny....Darren plays Sooooo Big

Look at all the smiles in the Busse Family picture!

Awwww....Just Awwww

The cake is from Bridget and Darren's wedding. It was the top of their wedding cake and was in Pat's freezer for 7 years, 8 months and 4 days
The cake was ok but the icing was sticky.


Odin as a Dinosaur (wearing his tail from Aunt Jean and Family)

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