Christmas Eve Party

Kathy, Pat, Jim

Daphne, James and Erin

Jean, Jeff, Brendan and Owen

Alissa, Kyle and Michael

Playing with bubbles....Brendan and Owen provide music....Owen opening pickle bandaids

Opening gifts...James opened his gift card from Kathy very s.l.o.w.l.y....and Owen watched the whole thing

Pat passed out mini Jenga sets. At home, Kathy compared the new set to the old set

We all enjoyed singing

Jeff actually opening a gift instead of just picking up garbage
It looks like Jean, Alissa and Michael like the Llama shirt better than Erin and

Erin cut her finger on a steak knife! Daphne took her to get stitches....just like she did for Grandma Kathy a few years ago!
Erin usually copies Kathy's kindness and goofiness but she shouldn't copy her clumsiness! All is well!


The Busses opening gifts with Grandpa Pat

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