Christmas 2022

At The Lahms

Very nice table setting and great food


And Dancing

Jean's punch game....Her microphone is not connected because it's just a prop...You either get a card (that Kyle collected) or money

Scott and Alissa really enjoyed it....When Sue saw it, she borrowed it for her family celebration (highest compliment that can be given)

Out Great Hostess....Jean gives Brian a gift (a projector he left in Galena)....Brian photobombs Daphne and James

Alissa took a couple of pictures of Erin who was way too quiet and shy....Guys in the kitchen

Michael and Kyle play with Brendan's virtual reality glasses
Jean put up this sign because in 2019 I cut my hand on one of her steak knives and had to get stitches (my first)
And last year Erin cut her finger on one of Jean's steak knives and had to get stitches
This year the sign worked and no one was injured in the making of this party or website

The three best shirts at the party....'Night 'Night...Thanks for the great party!

We also had great cookies and samples of Bruce Juice

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