Christmas 2001


Great picture of Bridget, Alissa and for the Ronald McDonald's House


The gifts under the tree

Jani and Kathy


The Wards fondly remember their own Pepper.....Smoke Break....Pat and Mike


Joy To The World!


We Wish You A Merry Christmas!


Mary and Eileen watch Bridget at the piano....Kathy and Terry....Jeans sings a solo


Terry receives a MAJOR AWARD....the leg lamp....soon to be a family legend!


While opening a CD for Bridget with her new screwdriver, Jean sustained an injury


Sue treated the wound, Pat helped Jean to a chair and Eileen gave her some pain killers...
She received a lot of support while in the bathroom...all ended well


Brian and Carol....Brian and Becky


Carol and Mike....Laura and Jimmy....Eileen, Cherie and Carrie


Mary....Jani and Ed with their special gift from the Hineses....Jani, Ed and Christy


Rowdiness!  Pat sat on Terry who was in his chair and then
Bridget and Alissa attacked poor, innocent Uncle Terry


The Leg is home

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