Crown Point Corn Roast

June, 2014

Jean Lahm is the Co-Chairperson of this annual event

The boys with the pizza guy....Owen was pretty good at smacking frogs....Chocolate covered bacon on a stick!

Owen in the Hamster Ball.
While I was taking pictures, a little boy asked me if I was in line!
As if I would get in one of those

Brendan in the Hamster Ball.
They both did a good job and had a good time.


Both boys enjoyed the inflatables

I went to Byron for a wonderful visit.
Becky, Alex, Hannah and I headed to Stillman (the next town over) to watch a rehearsal of the Phantom Regiment.
The Phantom Regiment is a drum and bugle corps.
The performance was spectacular!

This is where we sat....a great view!

Setting up and performing

The graceful swans

What a memorable time!

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