Danny and Linda Visit

July 2010

Linda and Jean at the Museum

Owen and Brendan really liked the R2D2 Mailbox

The obligatory (and fun) old time pictures

Sights in the Museum and a pretty neat elevator

The Weather Exhibit:  Tornado!  Owen has fun

Brendan remember the lightning at the Weather Exhibit so he and Grandma Kathy looked at the trains instead
Then everyone else joined us

Posing with Mommy....In the Kid's area

Brendan really liked the magic wall

Waiting for the train to go to The Taste of Chicago

Brendan said, while riding on a train for the first time ever, "This is the best day of my life!"

The Taste of Chicago

Posing for pictures

Jean and Brendan buying food
Owen got tired so Grandma Kathy put him to sleep
Brendan got ornery so Grandma Kathy put him in a time-out

The silver man....Michael put money in a bucket so Brendan could meet him....Grandma Kathy and friends

Meeting and greeting and hugging

Our Honorary Chairman....Posing with Brian, Alissa and Bridget....and Brendan

A beautiful setting on a beautiful day for lots of fun

Bozo Buckets




The Men's shoe toss

Jeff cooling off Owen....Owen with a bucket on his head (so he can't get cooled off again)....Owen with Kyle....And Alissa

A blimp....A backpack on a dog!

The Lincoln Park Conservatory
But I will always call it The Flower House

I've always liked the contrast of the park to the big city buildings

In the Showroom

Almost all of the following beautiful pictures were taken by Jim.
If any picture doesn't look "up to par," then it was taken by me!






I'm sorry, but the koi are kinda ugly

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond
But I will always call it The Rookery

We had a docent who give us a great tour.
A docent is a person who leads guided tours especially through a museum or art gallery.  (I had to look up the definition.)

We learned about the grasses and trees.
And the Frank Lloyd Wright influence on the architecture.
The big round cirlce represents a Native American Peace Circle.
Alissa is standing on the fire!

A very peaceful and beautiful place.

Animals....The penquins were a big hit

The Sea Lion

Walking to check out more animals

Jean and Kathy set up a nice lunch....And Mike had his first corn dog ever!

Then Marty Munroe stopped by.  He was out on a bike ride and graciously joined us for lunch.

The Corbet Kids played in the Children's Zoo.  Why yes, Brian did splash Bridget.

Some of headed to the beach.  Brendan got to play in the water with Jean and Jeff.
Owen got to take a nap with Grandma Kathy

We had a really great dinner.

Just having fun

Bridget MC'd her great Jeopary game.  All the questions pertained to Chicago.  It was a blast!

Out and About in Chicago

The Hotel


The Aquarium





Sears Tower Adventure





Ghost Tour!


Glad to see they both survived!

And finally, we all had a wonderful time in all the things we did.  But I must say that I think the person who had the most fun was Brendan.  He had so many different people to interact and play with:



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