Dan's Visit....January, 2002

Louie's Chop House

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Mike and Danny

Terry and Kathy      Pat in Kathy Ward's glasses

Terry and Kathy......Pat wearing Kathy's glasses

Carol and Mike

Kathy Carol gives Mike "The Look" after he calls her by the wrong name.

A Day At The Museum

Mike, Jim and Michael      Jim, Kyle and Brian     Jean and Pat

Up The Escalator.....Mike, Jim and Michael... Jim, Kyle and Brian... Jean and Pat

Alissa      Michael driving the train      Alissa and Cherie

Alissa...Michael driving the train...Alissa and Cherie

Jim      Dan      Dan and Mike

Jim...Dan...Dan and Mike

Michael    Cherie, Alissa, Bridget and Michael    In the combine   In the combine

Michael looking at the U505...Cherie, Alissa, Bridget and Michael...Driving the Combine

Cabbage Patch Doll    Dan in the Moldarama Room   Mike and Brian in the elevator   Kathy by the Heart    Cherie by the Salt display

Cabbage Patch Doll...Danny in the Moldarama Room...Mike and Brian in
the elevator...Kathy by the Heart...Cherie by the Salt display

Jean   Jean   Alissa    Alissa   Jean

Jean at a computer, Alissa picking a nose and Jean cleaning an ear

Sue, Cherie, Kathy, Pat and Jim by the Heart   Mike in the plane   Michael    Jean and Laura as Clowns

Sue, Cherie, Kathy, Pat and Jim by the Heart...Mike in the plane...Michael...Jean and Laura as Clowns

Mike on the Moon    Brian and Sean    Brian and Sean    Dime going down

Mike on the Moon...Brian and Sean and the Money Spinning Thing...A Dime Goes Down

Kathy and Jean    Dan   Sue

Kathy and Jean...Dan...Sue and a moon suit

Bridget and Brian    Jean, Laura and Dan    Cherie and Jean

Bridget and Brian...Jean, Laura and Dan...Cherie and Jean

Buildings    Buildings   Pretty windows

Kathy, Jean, Laura, Cherie and Dan went downtown to see some sights

We dined at the Italian Village

Eternal Flame in Daley Plaza    Pretty lights on trees    The Wrigley Building in Blue   Paying for the parking with Dan's money

The Eternal Flame at Daley Plaza...Pretty lights on Trees
The Blue Wrigley Building...Paying for the parking with Dan's money

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