Daphne Cheerleading
October, 2008

Daphne attended a cheerleading camp and cheered at KV High School during the second quarter.
She had a blast and performed a "line dance" at half time.

Daphne's Kindergarten
Grandparents Day
October, 2008

The collage on the door.  Daphne's Grandparents are right above the "W" in Welcome

Some of Daphne's art work displayed in the hall

The children performed several songs in the gym.  They were adorable!
Daphne is in the back row on the right....with a big smile on her face!

Grammy Jo and Daphne....A picture Daphne made for each of us....Grandma Kathy and Daphne

The Grandmothers in their matching shirts....Daphne poses by the classroom palm tree
Can you believe we were the only Grandmothers in matching shirts?

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