Daphne's Third Birthday

Hebron Bowling Lanes

March, 2006

But first a couple of pictures of Daphne and Erin on a horsie at Meijer.

Jen preventing Maddy from running down the lane.
Tom and Maddy....Daphne
Jimmy and Daphne....Reagan and Becky

Alex....Alex and Hannah

Hannah....who has an unconventional way of throwing the ball down the lane.

Kaylee and Kaci bowling.

Tom and Maddy....Grammy Jo and Maddy....Laura and Daphne

Brendan and Grandpa Terry....Becky juggles Brendan and a camera
Erin....Brendan and Laura

While Daphne was opening her presents, Erin ate the sucker that came with a princess spinning toy.
Daphne did get the toy back because she was playing with it later.

Hannah and Daphne....The Blue Dress....Erin

Daphne in her blue dress....Brendan in his stroller.
Hannah makes Brendan laugh....Grandma comforts Brendan who wanted to run down the lanes.

Jean painted faces!  Daphne and Grandma Kathy getting painted.

Erin....Grandma Kathy....Mikala....Becky


Hannah painted a flower on Aunt Jean.

Pizza Party!   The goodie bags were pleather bowling bags.

Daphne blowing out the candle on her bowling ball cake
(filled with cherry cheese cake ice cream....mmmmm).

Erin trying to look behind the puppet theater Aunt Jean and Uncle Jeff made.
Daphne shows a puppet....and then chats with the audience.

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