Daphne's 4th Birthday
March 27, 2007

     So Laura asked Daphne what she wanted for her birthday.  Daphne said she wanted to be on TV because Laura was on TV with the Bears and Colts signs.  At least she didn't ask for anything unreasonable!  So, off to Chicago we went.



Playing and posing in Cityfront Plaza

     Then we split up.  Jean and Brendan drove Daphne and Laura to Channel 7 News and then went to the restaurant for lunch.  Terry and Kathy took Erin in the stroller to the restaurant.  Erin spotted a bunch of pigeons and said, "Look, chickens!"  We cracked up!


And then, of course, Daphne and Laura got on the Channel 7 11:00 News!

We had lunch at The House Of Blues
Terry, Kathy and Daphne....part of the ceiling....Daphne admiring the ceiling
Um, yes, Grandma Kathy spilled a drink on herself

Erin and Brendan....Daphne posing on the stage

Why yes, Erin does have a chip in her nose and Brendan is eating ice cream with a fork

One of the corncob towers...cornbread....Daphne with her birthday sundae....and necklace

Terry, Kathy, a stranger, Brendan, Jean and Daphne head to the Picasso....a view from under the Picasso

     Then it was time to slide and slide:

Daphne and Erin started off the fun

Then Brendan joined in

Grandma Kathy stood guard on the edge....Daphne

And finally, a boy named Preston joined the sliding

The following Saturday, we all went to the Hebron Lanes to celebrate Daphne's birthday:

Daphne's cake made by Aunt Jean

Erin....Becky and Nathan....Madison and Nathan

     Daphne didn't want to bowl, but Cousin Maddy cracked me up.  She would throw her ball and then walk away.  Sometimes she would glance at it slowly going down the aisle.  One time, only the head pin went down!  It was soooo funny.  But she really seemed to like bowling.

John and Jillian....Erin on the floor

Erin...Brendan, Madison and Josh

The Party Favors

Singing to Daphne....Uncle Jeff....Maddy, Grammy Jo, Daphne, Daddy and Aunt Jen

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