Daphne Turns Seven

All Over The Place


The Announcers liked their smiles....and the Channel 7 logo used in Daphne's sign

Chicago Pizza!




On the plane

Daphne and Hunter try on Dave's jacket....Aspen

Jumping for joy.....Holes

At the playground


At Hunter's baseball game

Party Time....and Nap Time


Daphne and her picture

Daphne (7) shared her birthday party with Hannah (10) and Alex (13).
Because Daphne has chosen a Goth lifestyle, Aunt Jean made her a skull cake.  She loved it.
Hannah got a dog bone and dog food cake in honor of her dog, Jack.  She loved it.
And, of course, Alex didn't want a cake, he wanted fruit kabobs instead.  He loved them.


Opening presents

Terry and Jeff enjoy the festivities....Erin got to open a gift!  Jean found a Christmas present in her basement from her to Erin.

Singing Happy Birthday....Baby Jack eats some cake

Owen really likes his Mommy cakes

The Cake and Cupcakes


The Easter Egg Hunt

Grandma Kathy taking pictures....Owen had fun running and playing in a hole so he got only five eggs.
Neighbor Matt was kind enough to give him some eggs when he saw how few he had gotten

Daphne in her room....Her deer head....Owen did not like the deer at all

Erin, Maddie and Owen playing with giant balloons

Opening gifts

More gifts

A handpump for her gift from Heather and Daddy....Getting her crown

Grammy Jo handmade these costumes for the zhu-zhu pets!

Grandma Kathy wore the silly wonderful hat she got from her sister Eileen

Brendan arrived late from another birthday party and started having fun right away with the giant balloons


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