Daphne's Pre-School Graduation

May 2008

Daphne walking in
The graduates wore men's shirts backwards!  A few of us teared up at that.
Grammy Jo, Uncle Bill and Aunt Becky
On the stage....why yes, that Is Daphne waving

Daphne waving, getting her diploma and posing with Miss Jeanne

Grandma Char, Heather and Aunt Jen watch the singing

The diploma snacks Laura made....Alex enjoying the punch
Hannah with a cookie while Grandpa Terry watches over her

The cake in the freezer....It had a graduation hat on it....Cutting into it was just gross

Aunt Becky made glowing jello....Jimmy cooked rib eye on the grill

Laura launched helicopters spinners from the play set...Hannah caught a dress full

Alex took over....Hannah, Josh, Daphne, Maddie, Brendan and Erin

Jeff put on Brendan's shoe....Grandma Char and Heather....Uncle Jeff, Uncle Bill and Grandpa Terry

Grammy Jo was sad because she was cold and alone and
someone gave her fake food (made of marshmallow)
Then she was laughing again
Owen posed like a Pistello (with his eyes closed)
Grandma Kathy and smiling Owen

Grandma Char gave Daphne a necklace....Aunt Jen put it on her....Daphne admires it

Daphne opening her gifts....Laura asked Erin if they should buy the beautiful egg for Daphne...
Erin replied "No, buy it for Me!"

When Daphne opened the book Grumpy Bird from her Grandparents, she exclaimed, "I know this book!"
And who doesn't love a pop-up book?
Daphne's gifts
An autograph dog from her teacher, Miss Jeanne.  All the students signed it!

And so, the first party ended.

     Grandpa Terry took Alex and Hannah home, Jimmy took Daphne and Erin home and Jeff took Brendan and Owen home.  So Grandma Kathy, Becky, Bill and Jean decided to spend the night with Laura.  We played several games and laughed a lot.  Grandma Kathy, Becky and Bill went to bed at 2:30 while Jean and Laura were up until 5.  They were outside having a bonfire when they heard the early morning birds sing!

Jean....Laura....Acting out a clue....Kathy and Shamus (the puppet fireman) try to think of an answer

Murphy outside....Jean and Bill....Shamus and Jean

Bill wondering if he will ever go to one of the "Ward Girls" parties again.

The chalkboard the next morning.
Jean got a ride home to Lowell from Kathy.
Bill has a very good idea.
Kathy got to edit out what she called her darling daughters.

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