The Dells
July, 2002

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We are all so sorry about your accident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during your recovery.

We all love you very much.

Sean, Jimmy and Sue    Colleen and Aunt Mary    Cherie and Carrie
In the Bar

In the Lobby

Terry and Jimmy        Mike    Pat

Mike    Mike    Jim, Joe and Dick   

Corbet Pontoon    Jimmy, Laura and Cherie    Jeff    Kathy

Corbet Pontoon    Sweeney Pontoon    Bridget, Brian and Pat     Terry and Carrie

A cruise ship    Jimmy and Jean    Mike, Terry and Jeff    Laura, Jimmy, Jean, Cherie and Carrie

Sue, Kathy and Alissa    Jeff and Mike    Jean    Jean and Laura

Jean    Laura, Michael and Alissa    Michael, Alissa and Bridget swim back to their pontoon    Jeff, Jean, Jimmy, Carrie, Cherie and Terry

Rock    Rock    Rock

Rock    Scenery    Scenery  
The pontoon ride and some scenery along the way.

Cake    Cake    Colleen    Colleen

Billy and Eileen    Jeff and Jimmy    Kyle...the Birthday Boy!    Wine rack and wine for Jean and Jeff
Party Time

Cati    Jeff, Armadillo and Jean    Jeff and Armadillo
Fun characters visited us during the breakfast buffet.

    Terry and Kathy    Jeff and Jean   

Posing by the pretty flowers.

Jean, Jeff, Laura and Jimmy camped at Holiday Shores Campground.

Mary, Kathy, Kathy, Sue and Carol    Brian, Pat and Carol    Mike and Pat    Lana dnd Joe

Sue and Sean    Jim and Michael    Michael spinning water    Kyle up above

Waiting for the water to fall    Still waiting    The water hits!    After the water fell
Playing in the pools.  Notice Michael is laying down when the water falls from the bucket!

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