Disney Trip, Thanksgiving 2001

We made it.  We finally got home safely.  And of course, we documented our trip; in fact, this is our first all-digital trip (which was not without its glitches, as you'll see).

In deference to Kathy and her awesome design skills, and because we have so many pictures, I have created teeny-tiny thumbnails so you can have a clue before you see the big picture.  On most of the pictures, there will be a caption describing the moment.  Kathy's comments will be in this color and font.  We sure had a great time and have some great pictures to prove it.

Please let us know how you like our websites.  We put a lot of hard work into creating them for you and will be happy to continue doing so if you let us know.  Email Becky.  Email Kathy.

On with the show!  All pictures are in chronological order.

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