Disney 2008
Featuring:  Kathy, Laura, Daphne, Erin, Jimmy and Josie

At the airport....Reading a Disney map from Aunt Becky....Grammy Jo ready to go

The pool at Howard Johnsons Maingate has a roof!  We swam when it rained or was very sunny.

  The Magic Kingdom (Saturday Evening)

It was drizzling so Kathy and Josie wore ponchos....for a little while.
Josie and Kathy with Daphne and Erin....Josie and Laura

Here comes the Ferry!  Josie and Jimmy

Laura taking pictures of the girls

We're Here!

Erin, Kathy and Daphne....Jimmy and Erin....Josie and Daphne

Pretty leaves....Watching the parade just before we were shoved under the rope to watch it.

Watching the great parade

   All The Pictures From the Hotel Rooms In No Particular Order

Playing with Grammy Jo

Baby grapes....Paper plates on heads....Food

Erin just outside our hotel room....Talking on the phone with Aunt Becky

Daphne goofing off in bed.....And dressed in glow bracelets (as The Lion King)

Josie finds her book light on a Treasure Hunt and Kathy finds her coloring book.
Erin said she would help Grandma Kathy color it.

  Animal Kingdom  (Sunday)  (Josie spent the day with her Mother)

Group Pictures....Daphne, then Erin holding Baby Simba


The girls hugging....Laura and Jimmy

Posing by vines that Grammy Jo talked about earlier

The Safari


Jimmy....Laura and Erin....Jimmy, Daphne and Kathy

Playing in the water

We hit this water area twice

Daphne and Erin....Daphne and Erin

We all really enjoyed The Lion King show

Daphne took pictures of these birds and Erin was silly

Here they come....Laura waving, Daphne and Jimmy....Erin waving, Daphne and Jimmy

   Epcot  (Monday)

Group photo at Epcot

Erin didn't want to play pictures at first but then she came around

Nice poses.....The girls hold Tinkerbell

After the picture of me and Jimmy was taken, I loudly remarked, "This is such a nice Honeymoon!"
Jimmy just shook his head a little like he always does when I say something outrageous.

Playing with a fire truck

Some fun pictures taken while Kathy, Josie and Daphne were on Soarin

Josie helped Kathy find her picture (with Eileen in 2005) on the Legacy Wall

Waiting in line for food....Laura and the girls dancing with a band.

Playing in the water again.

Making masks in a Kidcot Fun Stop

Kathy with a Viking....Josie with a Democrat

Posing in Italy

Having stuff added to their masks in America

Ready for the rain....Eating snow cones and rain

Posing in front of the Eiffel Tower....Playing in the rain

Erin with a krispie treat while Jimmy, Laura and Daphne were on Soarin....Performers at a pagoda

Illuminations!....Time to go

   All The Pictures From The Pool

Daphne jumping to Grammy Jo and then jumping by herself

Erin with Grammy Jo....Erin....Erin taking a snack break

Leftover pizza for breakfast at the pool

Jimmy retrieving a glasses case....The case
The dead dragon fly that Daphne put down Grandma Kathy's back
(shown next to a credit card sized room key)

   Arabian Nights  (Tuesday)

The show started with this very nice guy on a rope....Jimmy with 2 beers and Josie with 2 glasses of wine

Horses in the arena....Pictures on a horse

Petting horses....Daphne running like a horse

Group pic....Kathy and Jimmy go looking for our seats....Front row center!

The girls in awe.....They bundled up when they got a little chilly....Great performances!

   The Magic Kingdom (Wednesday)

A cloudy but very happy day

An almost empty Main Street....Erin and Daphne

Posing in the Castle
Grandma Kathy running up the ramp with the reservation number for the boutique

Listening at Cindy's door

At Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique....Ready to go!....Suffering (a little) for beauty

Getting prettied up as Princesses....Erin getting Pixie Dust

Daphne's Reveal (29 seconds little movie)

Erin's Reveal (27 seconds little movie)

All done and quite happy!

The girls really liked this experience!

On the Teacups:  Daphne....Erin....How Jimmy looked....How Jimmy felt

Jimmy liked Splash Mountain with Daphne a lot better

In this Year of A Million Dreams, Kathy was given a free Tinkerbell pin in the Tinkerbell store!

Erin, Baby Mickey and Daphne sleep in the van....Kathy helps Jimmy drive

  Hollywood Studios (Wednesday (After a Nap))

How the sky looked at our hotel around 5 p.m.
So it's time to go to Hollywood Studios

At the Muppets 3D Movie.  The girls hated it so we left early.

Daphne posed by an old truck and then took pictures of the rest of us.

  The Magic Kingdom (Thursday)

The Grandmas in their matching shirts

In line for Breakfast with the Princesses

Posing with (and hugging) Cinderella

The banquet hall in the castle....Daphne....Erin

Erin and Daphne making wishes....Kathy and Josie laughing

Posing with Belle, Jasmine and Erin's favorite Princess, Snow White

Posing with (and hugging) Sleeping Beauty

Cooling off in water again

Daphne....Erin....Taking a break in the stroller

Pretending to be fish

The girls really chatted with Ariel

They enjoyed talking to her

She was very good about listening to them

We couldn't pull the sword from the stone....We had a very nice dinner at Liberty Square Market

   Time To Go Home

Daphne putting her shoes back on while sitting on a giraffe chair....Riding the tram

Daphne and Erin....Laura checking the computer.   ...Kathy

Daphne sleeping....Kathy sleeping


Kathy's Journal
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