Disney 2002
Featuring:   Kathy Ward, Terry Ward, Eileen Corbet, Jim Corbet, Sue Corbet,
Sean Corbet, Kyle Corbet and Michael Corbet (with a cameo by Laura Pistello)
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We headed to Orlando to watch Sean perform in the Amos Alondo Stagg High School Band.  Our Flight Attendant, Laura Pistello, made an announcement telling everyone who was going to see the band perform to say "Hi" to her cousin Sean Corbet....so we did.

Terry in the Orlando Airport      Our rental cars in front of Captain Nemo's
Terry and I played Rummy in the Airport during our 3 1/2 hour wait for the rest of the group.  We met Mike and some friends for dinner at Captain Nemo's.  Note our two nifty rental cars.

Kathy and Eileen     Note the time on the dash board     Eileen listening to the countdown     Kathy watching the lift-off
Click here to see the slide show of the lift-off!
Eileen and Kathy drove towards Cape Canaveral to watch the Space Shuttle Columbia lift off.  We got about 15 miles from the base.  Lift off was at 6:22 so we were in the car pretty early (note time on dash board).  You simply must click on the last picture to see the great slide show of the lift off!  Jim, Sue, Kyle and Michael watched the lift-off in the parking lot of the villas with about 15 other people.  Their view was very likely as good as our view!

On to the parks...
The list
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The Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom

View from the treehouse     Eileen, Michael, Kathy and Kyle on Aladdin's Carpet    Sean and friends     Sean and friends
View from the treehouse...On Aladdin's Carpet...Sean and some friends
We saw the band march but I didn't get pictures...I'm sure Jim has some great ones!

Kyle and Michael with some blue guy     Michael and Kyle with Captain Hook and some other guy     Dress for the bridemaids at Jean's wedding     Eileen getting on the Blue Train     Terry and Eileen on the Blue Train
Kyle and Michael pose with some characters...The dress we all decided Jean's bridesmaids should wear...The Blue Train.

Eileen, Kyle and Michael in a Tea Cup     Eileen, Kyle and Michael in a Tea Cup     Terry in a Tea Cup     Eileen and Kathy in Minnie's gazebo
The Tea Cup ride.....Eileen and Kathy in Minnie's gazebo.

The Animal Kingdom

Jim, Michael and Sue check out the aligators     Giraffe     Giraffe     Bird
Michael and Kyle     Dinosaur ride
The Safari was great!....Michael and Kyle are soaking wet because they were the only ones to go on the River Ride.
We also went on the Dinosaur ride....scary!

MGM Studios

FIRE     More FIRE     WATER
The Backlot Tour was a lot of fun

Michael     Michael     Michael     Michael
Michael on a roll of film and a bug

At the Sci-Fi Cafe     Michael     Kyle
At the Sci-Fi Cafe.....Michael and Kyle


Sean's band     Sean     Sean
Sean and the band

Michael     Kathy
Michael and Kathy trying out the Spacesuit

Universal Studios

Rocky, Michael and Kyle     Kyle, Bullwinkel and Michael     Kyle, Spongebob Squarepants and Michael     Michael and Kyle at Lombard's Landing
Posing with characters and at Lombard's Landing

Mable and the horn guy     Elwood and Jake     The Bluesmobile     Men In Black...Alien Attack
The Blues Brothers Show....Men In Black-Alien Attack....Jim beat us all!

Here it comes!     Oh nooooo!    Wow!    Another One!
Jim took these great pictures of the sharks attacking Terry!

The Pool     The Hot Tub     The picture in Eileen's painted by Eileen     Kathy writing in her journal
The pool, the hot tub, Eileen's room and Kathy writing in her journal

Our villas and the view from our patio

Where am I?  Orlando, Cayman or Indiana?

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