Camping August, 2016

Kathy, Daphne, Erin and Cousin Maddie

Pat, Brian, Bridget and Layla

Jean, Brendan and Owen

Jen, Addison and Carson Brawner

Day Guests:  Terry and Alissa

Erin and Maddie

Setting up camp....two queen mattresses on the left and the changing room on the right.
Daphne asked me if I was going to park better.
I explained that I park like that because it is my signature parking.
Actually I was blocking some light from our tent!

Pat and Crew....The camper....The cycles....Some lovely couple gave this to Layla because their kids outgrew it!
Love Campers!  Layla also got a pink flashlight and a pink camping chair...very nice people.

The Lahm setup.....The tip of the Brawner tent....Jen was quite proud (and rightfully so) for fitting it in the original bag!

Maddie, Erin and Daphne

In the tent

Erin taking a picture of the tablecloth....Our clothesline....Our shoes on the Christmas rug....Raccoon prints on the cooler

Daphne and Jen....Jen and Jean....Jean....Brendan, Owen, Addison and Carson

I brought some big legos for Layla.....Why yes, she did indeed have more fun with a bucket of water!

Brian and Pat....Layla and Bridget...Pat and Layla....Pat and Layla....Pat's camping stove

Layla in her new tent....Alissa, Layla and Bridget....Brian and Layla....Alissa and Layla

Layla getting matching nail polish with Lady Kathy.....Yes, it's Gunmetal

At the Beach....Best.Waves.Ever!

Dinner....Jean got at little sun today

The top half of the Jiffy Pop was great....The girls gave the bottom half to the boys

Our favorite "after camping" restaurant....A very special thanks to Pat for picking up the check!

Great Breakfast.....Lady Kathy wore her chauffeur hat and gloves home

My favorite picture of this trip....Layla knows Lord Terry is there but she refuses to look at him!

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