Easter 2008

Brendan and Owen

A cake Ma's hairdresser Mary Jane made for Kathy because
Kathy is a driver of one of her customers (Ma).  Delicious!

Decorating Easter Eggs

Grandma Kathy....Erin, Daphne and Hannah in their new matching outfits from Becky

Brendan and Alex

Jean, Alex and Hannah emptying an egg....The decorated hollow egg (Hannah got to keep it)

The egg decorating table....Becky's metallic eggs

The finished eggs

Easter baskets on Easter morning

Owen and Brendan....Hannah and Alex....Owen

Easter Dinner

Alex setting up the Kid's table....Brendan thought I was saying Car Table instead of
card table so he was looking around for some cars....Ma in Terry's Lazy Boy....Phil

The big table (with Owen in the background)....The Kid's table (with sporks)....Owen's table

Jean fed Owen while Brendan put some olives in the baked beans
Alex was given a deviled egg that was filled with frosting instead of egg
His reaction

Hannah....The girls in bed watching a movie

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Hunt begins....Brendan....Brendan

Erin....Erin....Hannah....Brendan and Alex

Being summoned to the back yard....Daphne....Alex....Alex

Playing Games

Becky's cupcake....Hannah and her cupcake (and Owen)

Owen and Alex

Playing Bingo (Laura won a pocket kite)

Becky and Laura playing 90's Trivial Pursuit against Jean and Kathy

For the game:  Who was the only person who was on all episodes of Cheers?
Norm!  Yes!  Jean and Kathy won!

The winning board....A hot dog with earrings

Erin in Grandma Kathy's sweatshirt....Laura flying her pocket kite in the Mall parking lot

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