Coloring Eggs

Brendan and Erin put the color pills in the water

Grandma Kathy covered her dining room set and Tessa got ready for the excitement

First they drew on the eggs (or face) with markers

Then they colored the egss and set them out to dry

They added stickers and dipped their eggs in special glue to attach the glitter

The finished eggs....boys and girls

Easter Morning

The baskets.....The girls were happy to get everything they asked for....and more!

Checking out their goodies....they insisted on Hershey chocolate....not the Easter bunny chocolate

Tessa thought her bunny ears were good enough to eat

Enjoying their gifts

The Easter Egg Hunt....they found all of their eggs

Since Tessa was tired (Easter Morning started at 5:30), Grandma Kathy turned on
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for Daphne and Erin and went back to bed with Tessa

Easter Dinner at Great Grandma Ward's

First, a bath in the sink for Tessa

Ready to go....Having fun in the elevator


Jon and Ma

Terry sets out the ham....We also had rolls and a great vegetable gumbo

The Easter Egg Hunt

Tessa wrapped up like an Easter egg....and a cool Easter egg....Grandma Kathy....Tessa and Dave

The little kids got a head start

Then the big kids joined the fun

Tessa gets her first Easter egg

Brendan is very serious about finding eggs

Owen actually got many more eggs than last year because he kept at it for a while

More searching....Brendan's special egg (Each kid got a special egg with their name on it and a special gift inside)

Erin...Daphne....Owen liked to open his eggs and eat the contents right away

The long view....Brendan is still quite serious

Play break!

Owen opens his special egg and is delighted with his new train

Brendan really liked his special gift....he even smiled!

Erin and Daphne with their special eggs

Tessa and Dave taste the weather

All done!  Fifteen kids and 934 eggs...it was quite a success!

Jean served up a nice dinner and then Terry, Daphne and Owen went for a walk

Using up the Easter eggs

Grandma Kathy made traditional deviled eggs....Erin learned how to use an egg slicer and made this wonderful creation!

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