Easter Egg Hunt

Fair Oaks Dairy Farm


We got our wrist bands....$3.00 per adult and $1.00 per child....great deal!

The tractor drove us from the parking lot to the farm.

Waiting to go....Jeff holds Brendan's basket....Daphne....Erin.

   Erin couldn't quite figure out what to do.  A stranger put two eggs in her basket for her and then Grandma Kathy held her basket while she put in three eggs all by herself.  Then she picked up a piece of candy and tried to eat it through the wrapper.  She was done getting eggs at that point.


The eggs and candy they collected (each egg had a piece of candy in it).


Daphne jumped in the the cow-jumper-thing and went through a maze to go down the slide.

   So the plan was to have the Easter Bunny hold Daphne while Erin and Brendan smiled lovingly from the darling basket.  Daphne took one look at the Easter Bunny and ran away.  Brendan cried after being put in the basket.  Erin just sat there.  It was quite funny.  And the picture was free....from the Dairy Farm.

Erin just watching the world go by.


The Koi pond was quite a hit!

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