Eileen Corbet Joins The Old Folks

Surprise Party at Jim and Sue's

The Big Day is October 25, 2001

50!                    Fire!                    50!

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Kathy, Eileen, Pat and Terry
The party was held on September 9, 2001, just six weeks before Eileen's actual 50th birthday.

Kathy, Eileen, Pat and Terry                     Terry, Eileen, Carol, Jim and Michael
The cake almost burned the house down!

Terry, Cherie, Pat and Carrie     Jim, Bridgett, Laura and Jeff     Kathy, Brian, Sean, Mike and Kyle

Sue, Kyle, Jim, Bridgett, Laura, Kathy, Pat and Cherie     Kathy, Carrie, Cherie, Jean and Eileen     Carrie, Laura, Cherie, Eileen, Alissa and Kyle     Sean

Carrie, Cherie, Eileen and Alissa     Cherie, Eileen, Kathy, Sue and Kyle     Laura and Jean

The Girls beat the Boys in both games of Trivial Pursuit.  Then all the girls sang, I Am Woman!

For further entertainment, Jeff, Jean, Kathy and Terry had to perform a "Riverdance"
because they lost to Jimmy and Laura at Miniature Golf the previous evening:

Jeff, Jean, Kathy and Terry          Jeff, Jean and Kathy

Jeff, Jean, Kathy and Terry     Jeff, Jean, Kathy and Terry       Laura and Jimmy are happy they won at Miniature Golf!

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