Eileen's Blizzard

December, 2009

From the Baltimore Sun:

Marylanders on Sunday began digging out from the record-breaking snowstorm that dumped more than 21 inches on the Baltimore area in less than two days.

It was the biggest December snowstorm to hit Baltimore since recordkeeping began in 1883, and the seventh biggest at any time of year.  Heavy snow also set new records at Reagan National Airport in Washington and Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

Light traffic flowed slowly along area roads as churches and many businesses remained closed on the last Sunday before Christimas.

Snow piled up at a rate of as much as 2 to 3 inches an hour on Saturday, propelled by heavy winds that blew flakes sideways and made it difficult to keep roads clear. By dinnertime Saturday, most areas had seen totals approaching nearly 2 feet.

Email from Eileen about the blizzard

Hi everyone!  Someone asked if I brought all this snow from Chicago and I said, "Of course!"  What a blast!  We're snowed in and got at least 18 inches outisde.  We just sat in our living room and watched it fall, it really was beautiful.  We have trees out back and the snow settling on them was just gorgeous.

I wanted to go to Target this morning but Carrie talked me out of it.  You know when the news casters on every channel are saying "Don't go out unless absolutely neccessary?" well I decided to listen!  Cherie found an opportunity to clean!!??!!  Carrie and I found some nice wine!

In Virginia there were 2900 calls to emergency road service from noon today to 4:00 PM.  I guess some didn't listen to the stay off the road admonitions!

Chris and Spence made blue-cheese encrusted steak last night and pumpkin pancakes this morning.  Chris will also do a roast!  Nothing like getting snowed in with 2 great chefs!!  Lucky Cherie!

Carrie and I stocked up late last night and made little pizzas today.  We're gonna make chip dip tonight!

Jameson loves the snow!  We let him out several times in the fenced-in back yard and he made a few paths.  Toward the end of the storm, the snow was higher than he was!!  Hopefully Carrie got some good pics and Aunt Kathy can put them on her website.

Cherie and Chris gave us tickets to the Bears/Ravens game tomorrow in Baltimore.....sure hope we can get there!!  The time was switched to 4:15 (3:15 for most of you!)  GO BEARS!!

Love to all and enjoy the season!!!


From Cherie:

It's falling steadily here.  Looks like we're up to maybe 4 inches with 10-20 left to go over the next 24 hours.  The stores were madhouses yesterday, even at 3 pm.  It's supposed to be pretty bad.  Chris went and got all of the necessary essentials yesterday (i.e. food & beer) so we're ready.  We all have tickets to the Ravens/Bears game tomorrow and they moved the time from 1:00 pm to 4:15 pm to give everyone more time to dig out.  We'll see!  Right now it's a good excuse to clean the house today!

From Eileen on Monday:

We did make it to the game.  Cherie and Spence first came over to help us dig out!  What an ordeal!  I'm back at work today but the girls both have off because Federal offices are closed....lucky them!

Pictures from Spence:




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