End Of The 2012 School Year

Daphne and Erin (with a special appearance from Tessa)

Laura and a Pilot friend gave a presentation to Erin's First Grade Class

Daphne in her Third Grade Class

A fancy breakfast on the deck for the last day of school

Posing with Tessa while waiting for the bus


First Born Daphne checks her watch while Second Born Erin flips her hair....The bus....Tessa and David

Brendan and Owen

Owen kept the Lahm Family from getting lost on both days of their hiking at Turkey Run

Chilling out at the campsite

Hiking Day One

On the suspension bridge

At the coal mine....With Mommy....And Daddy

Serious hiking....Posing on a rock

Jeff climbed over a fence to check out this garden....On the covered bridge....Sharing the wonders of nature with the boys

Hiking and learning

Yes, Brendan is making bunny ears on Owen....At Gobbler's Knob

Alex and Hannah

Just a very few of the pictures from the Hines vacation out West

A few of the wonderful views

Hannah and Becky writing in their journals....Alex doing laundry
Can't wait to see the scrapbooks!

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